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Website Maintenance Services

Website Update

We offer website update services for your existing website. Updates could be anything from theme and styling, content update, or even major changes. Updates would keep your website up and protects it from vulnerability.

Web Hosting

Website hosting maintenance is the key for a website. It is like the master key to your safe. We provide hosting services including backups, website migration, database optimization and more.

Website Integrations

We can help you solve any problems with plugin integrations in your website. Regular updates for plugins and widgets is vital for a healthy website.

Loading Optimization

We can help with any issues you might have with your website loading time. A lazy website will lose the chance of getting visitors with lower place in search engines.

Website Maintenance

Website updates and core maintenance are important for your online business platform. Minor updates on a regular basis would prevent your website from hacks, malwares, and breakdowns. We are ready to offer different website maintenance packages right for your website. 

Most common website maintenaces:

  • CMS updates

  • Theme and plugins update

  • Website backups

  • SEO ranking

  • Load time optimization

  • Plugins integrations

  • Hosting setup and migrations

24/7 Support

Our technical support is ready to accept your request anytime via email or contact form. We will perform your website maintenance with zero to minimal downtime during the quiet time of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will ask you for CMS login credentials (WordPress admin login), and may need hosting credentials for backups and some major changes.

We are accepting your request 24/7 via email or contact form. Normally, updates and small changes are completed within few hours. We might need extra time for major changes like theme change.

Yes. We are specialized in web design and would be able to reface your website with the same content to make pages look better and perform the best.